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School Photos Frequently asked questions

Fequently Asked Questions


I would like you to come to our school, can you do this?
The best thing to do is get in touch with us, we offer a fantastic service and are always looking for new schools.

Can I have my images in Black and White?
Yes you can, it costs just £1 extra per package.

Are mounts included as standard with prints?
Mounts can be ordered as an extra item. This means we keep our general costs down and we asked and 75% of people threw the mounts away.

Can I put different images in each package?
No, sorry packages have to be multiple or single prints of the same image.

I have had my photos done by another company and am not happy with them, do you offer a one off service?
Yes we do, more information by clicking here.

I am not happy with my childs hair or clothing etc in the photos you have taken what can be done?
We can offer you a reshoot package at our studio.

There is a technical issue with lighting in my childs photo can you help?
Please email us with the codes for your photo and we will se what we can do.

I have lost my proof cards, can you send me new ones?
Sorry we are unable to do this directly for you as an issue of child protection.
If you make a request via the school or group, they will be able to verify the request. A small charge may be applicable.

I am not happy with my childs expression in their photos, can you help?
Please email us with the codes for your photo and we will see what we can do.

Can I get together with friends to achieve bigger discounts?
No, sorry. Photos in a discounted group must be of the same child or their siblings.
If we note that the order is not for this, it may be cancelled and you will have to order at the full price.

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